Myrtle Kressin

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Kressin was the best pitcher of her time. Beginning in 1951, she led the Bremerton Greenjackets to 12 straight state championships and four Northwest Regional titles. She pitched in six ASA National tournaments as well. She was also the coach of women’s fastpitch at Olympic College for a time. Kressin died in 2013 at 87 years old.

John Ridley

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Ridley was a standout pitcher in fastpitch. He won a state title in 1954, played in the ASA National tournament in 1957 with a team from Vancouver, Washington and was selected to the All-Star team at the ISC National tournament in 1958.

Ted Tappe

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Tappe was a three sport star at Bremerton High School. He played for Olympic College, then attended Washington State, where he played baseball. Tappe signed with the Cincinnati Reds and hit a home run in his first at-bat, but got just seven more at-bats over two years with the Reds. He resurfaced in the majors in 1955 with the Chicago Cubs but played in 23 games. He died in 2004 at 73 years old.

Ray Forbes

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Forbes started his softball career with the East Bremerton Improvement Club in 1934. He played for a few teams in the shipyard as well. Forbes was a two time state champion and was the pitcher of record when the legendary Eddie Feigner, as part of "The King and his Court," came to town to play an exhibition game.