Dan Burton

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Burton was a top pitcher in local fastpitch for two decades. He played for the Outlaws team that took third in the 1958 ISC tournament. Burton also won the 1977 Bremerton City golf title and bowled a 300 game.

Edward (Babe) Barberis

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Barberis joined the Bremerton Cruisers via the University of Washington. He played second base for them for nine years, then managed them for seven years, leading them to a Seattle Times Invitational Tournament win in 1935. He also worked as a scout for the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Howard Ranniger

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Ranniger was the owner of Bledsoe Transfer and Storage. He sponsored the Bledsoe Transfer fastpitch team that won a city title and a district title. They were second at state and fourth at the Northwest Regionals and were regarded as the best team in the post-World War II heyday despite playing only three years.

James Snell

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Snell worked as an official for baseball, softball, football and basketball for 15 years. He was part of the group that founded the Peninsula Umpires Association and worked the first ever men’s regional fastpitch tournament in 1944 and was the first person from Bremerton to umpire a national championship, when he called balls and strikes for the 1955 woman’s fastpitch title.

Virgil Taylor

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Taylor was a longtime social studies teacher and coach at North Kitsap High School. He coached the baseball, wrestling and football teams for decades before becoming the athletic director. He won a state title with the baseball team in 1988 and was named the Kitsap Sun Coach of the Year in 1989. Taylor retired in 2012 but still helps out at North Kitsap.

Lyle Van Boeyen

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Van Boeyen, a South Kitsap grad, was a highly sought after prospect in high school. He signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates and played for three years in their organization before an arm injury in AAA ball ended his career. He later became a top slugger for Gene Lobe’s fastpitch teams. The Little League field in Port Orchard was named for his late wife Judy in September 2014.

Sid Ryen

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Ryen started playing fastpitch in 1949. He won a Vancouver Invitational title and was named MVP in 1956, then finished second in the state tournament and was named to the All-Star team the following season. He played with the Outlaws in the ISC World Invitational, helping the team take third in 1958, then was named to the All-World team in 1959. Back injuries forced him to retire the following season.