George Nichols

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Nichols played baseball for 21 years, starting with the standout South Kitsap high school teams of the mid-1940s, then spent four years playing for several minor league teams in the Brooklyn Dodgers and Cleveland Indians organizations before leaving to earn his Ph. D in chemistry.

Bill Warcup

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Warcup was part of the group that built Legion Field from the ground up, including leasing the land from the school district from 1966 until the district took over operation of the field in 2011. He also served as junior and senior commissioner and tournament director for the American Legion Third District and coached football and basketball with the Perry Ave. Pee Wees.

Dodie Welch

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Welch was a longtime slowpitch player. Over 27 years she was part of teams that made 19 state tournaments, nine regionals and one national tournament while earning 15 all-star nods and three MVP awards. Welch also served as president of the Bremerton’s women slowpitch league.

Jim Hussey

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Hussey was a longtime pitcher that was regarded as one of the best fielding pitchers in the state. He played fastpitch from 1951-1957, then switched to slowpitch for two years before heading to the City League, helping Parker Lumber win the inaugural state title in 1964 and a second place finish in 1965.

Jon Jarstad

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Jarstad, a South Kitsap grad, was a standout baseball player before turning to journalism. He was the sports editor at the Kitsap Sun and a broadcaster for KBRO. After earning his masters from Syracuse, he went on to be a pioneering broadcaster of baseball on local and national TV and radio stations. Jarstad died in 1999.

Jess Latham

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Latham played slowpitch for 20 years and was highly decorated over his career. He won several state titles, including five straight with the legendary Gene Lobe sponsored teams. He was also named to three all-state teams, one all-regional team and numerous all-star selections. Latham won the MVP title at the 1969 state tournament as well.

Bobby Dunn

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Dunn was a standout left handed pitcher, leading Bremerton High School to the 1953 state title and reeling off 20 consecutive no-hit innings for the American Legion team. He played for a couple of semi-pro teams and turned pro with the Cincinnati Reds. He spent three seasons with four different teams in the Reds’ minor league system, going 42-24 and striking out 418 in 602 innings before an arm injury ended his career. Dunn then became an ordained minister.